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brandförsäkring E fire. insurance. abbreviation (av ord). T. 26 Hereinafter I use the standard abbreviation to cite canons in the Decretum But their under- the creditor in the formation of contractual obligation, contrary  förkortning abbreviation, shortcut abbréviation abkürzen beziehungsweise, bzw.

Creditor abbreviation

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n. One to whom money or its equivalent is owed. Creditor abbreviation some creditor economies, complemented by poli- cies to encourage private investment, could boost demand in the short term while raising potential output over . A company or individual who is owed money by another company or individual for services rendered. Svensk översättning av 'creditor' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online. A creditor is an entity that extends credit by giving another entity permission to borrow money if it is paid back at a later date.

(CD-ROM)」。 Original Creditor: If your account is turned over to a collection agency or sold to a debt buyer, they will report the name of the original creditor or lender. The purpose of reporting the original creditor name is to help you identify the source of accounts that appears on your reports.


Abbreviation (abbrīviēsj´n) förkortning. Abdicate (ab´dikēt) afsäga sig.

Creditor abbreviation

CLD = Credit Line Decrease CLI = Credit Line Increase. CLOC = Checking Line of Credit. CM = American Express Cash Magnet Credit Card CMRRR = Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. CMS = Credit Management Service CO = (1) Charge Off; (2) less frequently, Capital One. CR = Credit Report. CRA = Credit Reporting Agency (e.g., TransUnion, Equifax, Experian)

Creditor abbreviation

Find out what is the full meaning of NET CREDITOR on! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. The creditor frequently demands collateral and/or a personal guarantee, as well as loan covenants, from the debtor. This is because the amount of loaned funds can be quite large, so the creditor is at considerable risk of loss over a potentially lengthy period of time.

PFB = Planet Feedback Define creditor. creditor synonyms, creditor pronunciation, creditor translation, English dictionary definition of creditor. n. One to whom money or its equivalent is owed.
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CREDITOR meaning, definition & explanation.A creditor is a party (e.g.

Apr definition, the annual rate of interest that a bank or other creditor charges for lending money to a borrower, or the annual rate of return on an investment, such as a bank CD (certificate of deposit). NounEdit. creditor (plural creditors). (finance) A person to whom a debt is owed.
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According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service, eight abbreviations are widely used: These are "I," for individual; "U," for undesignated; "J," for joint; "A," for authorized user; "M," for maker; "T," for terminated; "C," for co-maker or co-signer; and "S," for shared.

cask (liquid) (raw) material bill of materials packing supplier creditor debt,  Explanation of abbreviations used in the Yearbook. BKT bruttokansantuote.

Credit reports can be so cryptic with all of their codes and abbreviations. In fact, the credit industry as a whole uses numerous abbreviations that only add to the confusion. Here is a list of common credit abbreviations and what they mean. RMCR - Residential Merged Credit Report also known as a Residential Mortgage Credit Report.

This can be a person or an organization that is having a claim over the services of the debtor. In other words, the creditor is the person to whom fund is owed. This is in contrast to a debtor, who is a person or organization who owes fund to the creditor. In simple terms, the relationship between these two persons or organizations is complimentary to the relationship Insolvency and Creditor Rights (World Bank) ICR: Intel Cluster Ready: ICR: Institute of Cetacean Research (Japan) ICR: Income Contingent Repayment (student financial aid) ICR: Interfacial Contact Resistanace: ICR: Implementation Completion Report (World Bank) ICR: Internal Control Review (various organizations) ICR: International Competition Rules: ICR: I Can't Remember: ICR Creditor. A creditor is a person, institution or business to whom money is owed.

1 Abbreviations and definitions, etc. 5.3 Information to the creditors on the Date of Reorganisation. a Paragraph IV notice relating to an Abbreviated NDA (ANDA) seeking secured creditor and the settlement has now been approved by the  language in order that the correct technical meaning may be ascribed to them under The Instructing Creditor with respect to the Notes is the Counterparty only.